GUADEC 2015, Gotenburg

This year GUADEC’s (Gnome User and Developers European Conference) 2015 conference was held in Gotenburg this year, from August 7 – 9 after which, there were BOFs and Hackfests from August 10 – 12. The conference has a variety of Keynotes, Lectures (Talks) and Lightning-Talks.

  • Talks go in depth about a specific topic giving details about interesting things from implementation to use-cases
  • Keynotes are a bit more broad and speak about a very generic topic. The topics spoken about this GUADEC were on Free Software, Developer Interface, and the power of the community.
  • Lightning Talks are about 5 minute presentations about anything that a person wants to talk about. <It does not have any predefined schedule, but anyone can speak at it.>

The talks were very interesting, and touched topics from all around like Enterprise-GNOME, Sandboxing, Owncloud in GNOME, GTK and Libre Office, Maps, and many more. The whole schedule can be found at the guadec website (

A big thanks to the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring me partially, the organizers and the volunteers were great fun to work with. I had a great time interacting with the attendees – It was awesome to meet you all !

I gave a lightning talk at GUADEC about my GSoC project (gedit plugin for coala) along with the other GSoC students. My presentation can be found here.

During the BOFs we had a coala BOF where a few of us discussed about the projects which we wished to do in coala and planned a simple approach for them. My gsoc project was completed sometime in between because it was pretty easy getting inputs for the places I was stuck at because everyone was just a few meters away and easy to interact with 🙂

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